For medical students and graduates hoping to pursue residency in the U.S., the month of March means Match Week. If you’re reading this, you’re probably a trainee who is applying or will apply to the NRMP Residency Match.

And if you’re reading this but you are also looking for clinical training opportunities, then you’re probably not waiting to hear about your results for this year’s Match. But you may have next year’s Match (or beyond) on your mind.

Just because your Match Week isn’t this year, you should still be set up for success. Learn more below about how AMO is celebrating this March by setting future Match applicants up for success.


1) Easier Access to Clinical Training Sites

AMOpportunities’ clinical training site platform makes it easy (and free!) to search through hundreds of clinical training sites with preceptors wanting to host students, graduates, and professionals. With more than 70 specialties, the platform allows students to customize their clinical learning to meet their career goals on their own timeline.


2) Personalized Support

Finding clinical training is known for being difficult. Whether you’re cold calling or emailing physicians, the likelihood of hearing back is low, leaving your selections of locations and specialties limited. This is not to mention the logistics international trainees face with travel, visa requirements, and lodging.

AMOpportunities provides personalized support for every step of your application and rotation journey. Your Advisor helps identify the programs that best fit your goals for your rotation and timeline. Once you’ve applied and are accepted into your program, you’ll be handed off to a personal AMO Coach who works with your throughout the preparation process, acts as your designated AMO contact person throughout your rotation, and can even be reached after your rotation with any questions related to your experience.


3) MATCH400

This March, AMO is celebrating the Match by helping future applicants find success during their Match Week.

Now through March 29 at 11:59 p.m. CDT, applicants to AMO clinical training programs can take $400 off their clinical rotation when they use the code MATCH400 at checkout. Any program. Any time.

How can you use this code to set yourself up for success on a future Match?

  • Use it to reserve a future rotation you’re already planning on.
  • Add an additional experience to your CV in the specialty you plan on applying to.
  • Rotate at and network with trainees at a residency site you’re interested in applying to.
  • Knock out core or elective credits (be sure to meet with an Advisor to ensure your program meets your schools curriculum).
  • So much more!


Ready to start preparing for your Match Week? Create your free AMO user account here, or connect with an Advisor by emailing