After interviews, many medical school applicants may think their work is over. They’ve completed the admissions process, and it seems there isn’t much to do.

That shouldn’t be the case. Once the admissions committees are finished making their decision, you’ll need to make one on where to attend if you are accepted. These three steps can help you while you await your fate.

Write down your thoughts on each medical school and its campus.

After each interview, medical students should record their thoughts about the institution so as to remember their experience. They should also include notes on the campus, curriculum and the students. Other things to take into consideration include proximity to the hospital and student housing.

Gets answers to any additional questions.

Ideally, you will have asked any pressing concerns during your interview, but it’s very possible other ideas—on any topic—may pop up. Proactively seek out these answers by going to the school’s website or, if you cannot find the information you’re looking for, email an admissions representative or student ambassador you met when you visited.

Speak with current or former students.

Student perspectives can be the most helpful in making your final decision. Their thoughts are likely the most accurate. Talk with them about the social dynamics, classes, school activities, neighborhoods and the campus culture. Get a real feel for what your life would be like if you decided to attend that specific school.

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