Premed students are prone to participating in volunteering as one of their many extracurricular activities. And opportunities run the gamut from hospital settings and non-clinical environment in the U.S. and across the world.

With so many options, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. To narrow down your search, and ensure you find something that matches with what you’re looking for, come up with answers to these three questions and then select your preference.

1. Is this opportunity different from others you have participated in?

Taking part in a variety of opportunities broadens your horizon and gives you experiences in different facets of healthcare delivery. Medical school success relies on adaptability and the ability to work in new environments. Having different volunteer experiences under your belt helps you prepare for that necessary experience.

2. Will you develop new skills or gain novel experience working as a member of a healthcare team?

Determining how a volunteer experience can develop your existing skill set can help place value on the opportunity. Think about how it can help you become part of a healthcare team in a new way.

3. Will you be able to document your involvement in this experience for use in later medical school applications?

References, description, amount of hours and length of your volunteer position are required for your medical school applications. Make sure you can provide all of the necessary details regarding your experience.

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