Even if you weren’t accepted into medical school the first time around, there are still other options, including reapplying for the following year. These five steps will help you along.

  1. Ask for help. While all medical school admission teams won’t help you improve your chances of acceptance for the following are, there are some that will. This includes reviewing your application and granting interviews. If you do find someone to help, make sure to thank them.
  2. Think about where you applied. Be honest with yourself about your GPA and MCAT. Do they fit with the schools you originally applied to? If not, it’s time to take another look at your list.
  3. Cast a wide net. The more applications you send, the more likely you are to get accepted. A good idea is to apply to all the state schools within the state you live and most osteopathic schools. You can also research the schools that are most likely to accept out-of-state applicants.
  4. Make sure your application is balanced. You may have a wide variety of experience in shadowing, volunteering, researching, leadership hobbies and other activities, review the number of hours you are submitting for each. More hours noted for a hobby than actual shadowing may lead a team to believe the practice of medicine is less important to you.
  5. Be honest. Essays require applicants to reflect and sometimes share unpleasant events. In writing yours, avoid half-truths or painting yourself in a different light. If there isn’t substance or the essay minimizes a situation, your essay won’t be as strong as you would like.

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