Physicians always joke that there is always at least one couple that gets married during residency training. According to AMA Wire, about 40% of physicians marry other healthcare professionals, which creates both challenges and benefits.

Here are 4 points to consider:  

1) Similar life timing and availability are the major reasons why physicians marry other healthcare professionals, according to an emergency room physician who married a pediatric oncologist. Often, medical school and training coincide with the time in one’s life to seek a partner.  

2) Physician couples share clinical experiences that can help them maintain open communication and a better understanding of each other’s struggles. For doctors, who have busy schedules and high expectations, having a partner that understands the struggles and limitations of the job is crucial.  

3) Having a partner who is also in the medical field can help mitigate physician stress, burnout, and emotional exhaustion. While these factors can negatively affect any relationship, a physician couple is more aware of the struggles that come along with the job and can help each other through these similar experiences. 

4) Physician couples sometimes struggle to maintain a good work-life balance and have difficulty finding reliable, good child care. Maintaining open lines of communication and delegating responsibility is important to ensuring a steady balance is met.  

While this content is different from what we normally publish on the AMOpportunities blog, medical school and training is a tough time for any aspiring physician. It’s always good to consider what’s ahead. 

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Source: Becker’s Hospital Review