Real-world medical training can be hard to come by if you don’t have the right connections and experience. Still, these opportunities are critical to a well-rounded medical education and a future in U.S. medicine. This central issue—scarcity and accessibility issues in clinical training—directly led to the founding of AMOpportunities.

The winning submission for our January 2021 from AMO photo and blog contest outlines just how easy it is to secure a rotation with AMO. Like past visitors, contest winner Kevin, a medical graduate from China, struggled to access U.S.-based mentors and real-world medical training. Luckily, he found us, a great rotation, and a new connection in U.S. medicine!

To find out more about Kevin’s experience and medical interest, read his winning submission below!

The End of My Search for Clinical Experience

Although I graduated from medical school many years ago, I had little luck finding rotation opportunities until I came across AMOpportunities. Two months after applying and preparing for the experience, I attended my first U.S. rotation. It was a happy month-long experience indeed. My expertise lies in orthopedics, so I settled on a podiatry rotation. I met Dr. W and Dr. T at their clinic in Vallejo, California. My rotation was both educational and intense.

I spent most of my time shadowing Dr. W. He was responsible and kind to his patients. He could always make them laugh, and they left satisfied with their visit. I admire Dr. W, as he is very knowledgeable in medicine and surgery. He is excellent at memorizing his patient histories and interests—he was able to recall a patient’s hobbies or past conversations with ease. Dr. W was also very patient in showing me how to manage different cases. He even shared surgery procedures weekly when I could not attend in-person due to COVID-19.

My rotation usually started at 8:30 a.m. We spent half of most Tuesdays on house visits and half of Wednesdays going over surgeries. I found my interactions with patients, under the supervision of Dr. W, to be meaningful. I received warm welcomes from patients and colleagues, which helped me to enjoy the rotation every day. I quickly picked up new clinical skills and grew my knowledge. I am grateful that I could meet such a great doctor who taught me so much about medicine and physician-patient interaction.

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