I will be eternally grateful for the opportunity to have a rotation in the United States and to understand the importance of a good doctor-patient relationship.

The first day I was excited to face this new challenge, where I would find myself in a country where another language is spoken, the health system is different focused on disease prevention, meeting the people with whom I would be working for a month and more.

From the first day I was welcomed with open arms, I met my co-workers and my tutor, whom I am delighted to have had the opportunity to meet.

I was able to appreciate the vital importance of good communication, the desire to learn, to study to understand as best as possible what I was learning in the clinic.

Dr. HSJ and his assistant are people who I feel lucky to know, not only because I have been able to meet them professionally, but also because they are people who inspire that our dreams fuel resilience, encourage growth and generate satisfaction.

Thank you to the team at Harlem Cardiology and AMOpportunities for this opportunity and for helping each student reaffirm that medicine is the right path.