It can be hard to gain professional and communication skills in the classroom. Perhaps this is why Elizabeth, a recent visitor, and winner of our February 2021 Photo and Blog Contest, traveled to New York for an internal medicine clinical experience.

During clinical experiences, medical trainees have the opportunity to work closely with skilled physicians and other staff members. In many cases, this collaboration is key to positive patient outcomes. Getting along with co-workers can also make work more enjoyable.

For information on what it’s like to participate in one of our most popular rotations with a highly sought-out AMO preceptor, continue reading below.


Getting Further with Feedback

Last month, I completed a hands-on internal medicine rotation in New York. During this time, I worked alongside internist Dr. F.

I was involved in several clinical cases, and I had the opportunity to care for patients. I often took medical histories, presented patients to the physician, and wrote clinical notes to be reviewed at the end of the day by Dr. F. I was given constructive and educative feedback, and Dr. F always supervised my interactions with patients— which was very helpful. His experience and mentorship expanded my knowledge, improved my note-taking, and helped me develop strong communication skills.

My hands-on rotation with Dr. F and his team has made me a more competent doctor. They were very accommodating and created a schedule that worked around other commitments I had. For me, the end result was improved interpersonal skills, professionalism, and practice-based learning.

In terms of the schedule, Mondays were very busy, I often stayed at the clinic from 8:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. During my experience, I also had the opportunity to interact with medical trainees doing virtual rotations. Dr. F made sure both in-person and virtual visitors got plenty of patient interaction.

While practicing under Dr. F, I learned so much about COVID-19 diagnosis, case management, and complications. I’d like to add that Dr. F implemented many safety measures at the clinic. He ensured all his staff got the COVID-19 vaccine. Because of this, I also had the opportunity to get my vaccine. I was grateful he arranged it.

Due to my involvement in this program and the mentorship I received, I find myself with many significant new clinical skills. I’m forever grateful for this experience and recommend it highly.


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