Next week, October 19-23, the American Medical Association will be recognizing international medical graduates as they host IMG Recognition Week. IMGs face many barriers in the pursuit of a U.S. medical education. These challenges aren’t just discouraging, but they amplify the challenges of an already rigorous career path.

IMG Recognition Week honors and celebrates IMGs for their determination and passion in the face of these barriers. The week also raises awareness of these barriers and highlights the organizations working to overcome them.


Will AMOpportunities be involved?

Yes! AMO will be (virtually) sitting down with the American Medical Association. During our conversation, we will discuss the work our team does to make medical education more accessible. More than just financial accessibility, trainees need quality rotations that make them competitive on their residency applications. AMO offers these quality rotations for trainees and provides a support team for each trainee before, during, and after their rotations. Between accessibility and support, AMO helps IMGs and international medical students overcome the barriers they face in becoming healthcare professionals.

Beyond discussing the work that AMO does to help eliminate the barriers that IMGs face, other topics to be discussed will include:

  • the incredible impact IMGs have on U.S. healthcare
  • virtual and in-person rotations
  • updates to the United States Medical Licensing Exam (USMLE)
  • a review of 2021 Residency Match data


Hey! I’m an IMG! How can I watch?

The American Medical Association is hosting events all week on their Facebook page through Facebook Live. To tune into our event with AMA, swing by the official AMA Facebook page on Wednesday, October 20, at 7pm CST.