In the U.S., international medical graduates (IMGs) play a crucial role in addressing physician shortages and providing quality care to underserved and rural communities. However, the journey to becoming a U.S. physician can be challenging, especially for IMGs who must navigate visa requirements and secure clinical training opportunities that support their Match applications.

Fortunately, with the recent introduction of the new J-1 visa program and the comprehensive support offered by AMOpportunities (AMO), IMGs now have a powerful combination of resources to help them achieve their goals.


What is the New J-1 Visa Program

The J-1 visa program, launched by the Northern Border Regional Commission (NBRC), presents a unique opportunity for IMGs trained in the U.S. to waive the requirement to return to their home countries in exchange for practicing in Health Professional Shortage Areas (HPSAs) or Medically Underserved Areas (MUAs).

This initiative aims to alleviate physician shortages and improve access to healthcare services in underserved regions, particularly in Maine, New Hampshire, New York, and Vermont.

For IMGs seeking to leverage this program, AMOpportunities serves as a vital partner in navigating the complexities of U.S. clinical training and visa sponsorship. With a diverse range of programs and partnerships with top U.S. hospitals and clinical sites, AMO offers IMGs unparalleled access to real-world clinical experiences that prepare them for successful careers as U.S. physicians, and even provide training in the areas emphasized in the J-1 visa program.

The introduction of the NBRC’s J-1 visa program aligns seamlessly with AMOpportunities’ mission to democratize access to U.S. clinical training and empower IMGs to fulfill their aspirations of practicing medicine in the United States. Through strategic planning and proactive engagement with AMO’s advisors and ambassadors, IMGs can maximize their chances of securing clinical rotations in HPSAs and MUAs eligible for J-1 visa waivers.

Additionally, AMOpportunities provides comprehensive support throughout the visa application process, assisting IMGs in obtaining visa invitation letters and navigating the intricacies of visa interviews. By leveraging AMO’s expertise and network of partners, IMGs can navigate the visa process with confidence and focus on honing their clinical skills in preparation for residency training.

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