Did you know AMO offers programming in dentistry? Just like our other programming, our dentistry clinical experiences can be a great way to not just grow your skills and knowledge but develop a vision for your future.

From learning to love a field to falling in love with a city, read what Devyani had to say about her AMO dentistry rotation.


A “Win-Win Situation”

I am an international dentist from India and a prospective student for the Advanced Standing Program for International Dentists in the U.S.

During the pandemic, I was struggling to find a clinical rotation experience for myself. But then I found AMO on a Google search.

After losing all hope, coming across AMO was the best thing that happened to me. Through AMO I was connected with a professor at Temple University. I shadowed him at his clinic, and for the first time, I had a chance to witness all the specialized work that is done in the U.S. in the field of Prosthodontics.

This rotation was the first time that I felt prosthodontics is the branch that I would want to take up as a specialty in the future. The professor and his staff were very kind and supportive of me. They also let me do laboratory work for their patients’ dentures. I enjoyed every bit of my time in the clinic and learned a lot about the complex procedures done in the U.S. I also got to learn about the advanced materials and equipment used in America to make the practice more efficient. Additionally, in the lab they allowed me to learn the manipulation of some of the advanced quality materials used in U.S. dental clinics.

Overall, AMO created a win-win situation for me and I could not have asked for more. Also, during my time in Philly, I just fell in love with the city which gave me a vision that someday I would want to be a prosthodontist in Philadelphia.