Updated October 21, 2022

AMO loves being able to call Chicago home because of its reputation as a healthcare hub. This makes the city a popular location for our visitors, which allows us the opportunity to meet so many of our visitors who choose to rotate here. But it also allows AMO to partner with some of the best healthcare organizations in the country.

That’s just the case with this month’s partner highlight: Duly Health and Care. As one of our newest partners, the partnership between Duly and AMO has created access to multiple programs all around the Chicago area hosted through the Duly network. While more and more Duly programs are regularly added to the AMO marketplace, check out all of our current Duly programs below.


Family Medicine – Westmont, Illinois

With Chicago easily accessible by Metra, this rotation is a great opportunity to learn family medicine in a smaller community while still having the opportunity to explore the Windy City.

Because you’ll work with patients of all ages, you can also expect a broad range of cases. Through these cases, you’ll develop skills in providing joint injections for pain, prescribing medications, doing vision and hearing tests, interpreting lab tests and more.

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Orthopedic Surgery – Naperville, Illinois

This orthopedic surgery rotation takes a special on foot and ankle cases. But, you’ll also gain experience with pre- and postoperative evaluations and build confidence in surgical decision-making.

Although 35 miles outside of Chicago, Naperville is a busy suburb with a rich history. Make sure to visit The Naperville Settlement, an outdoor museum covering the town’s history as a 19th-century outpost.

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Podiatry – Westmont, Illinois

This podiatry rotation offers you the chance to follow a specialized curriculum in podiatric surgery. You’ll build clinical skills in determining the need for surgery while developing familiarity with numerous surgical procedures.

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Family Medicine – Tinley Park, Illinois

In quiet, Tinley Park, you’ll have the chance to develop your patient interactions with patients of all ages. Expect approximately 7-10 patients per day as you learn about prescribing medicine, women’s health, interpreting labs and screens, and more.

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Pediatrics – Naperville, Illinois

For the pediatrics trainee who prefers a more stationary experience, this rotation is based in Naperville.

Through this rotation, you’ll learn how to provide immunizations to newborns and conduct infant differential diagnoses. You’ll also become familiar with promoting good health and disease prevention in newborns and toddlers.

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IM/Rheumatology – Joliet, Illinois

This internal medicine rotation follows a specialized curriculum in rheumatology. Alongside a board-certified rheumatologist, you’ll learn to assess and improve cases of gout, osteoporosis, and arthritis.

Although 35 miles outside of Chicago, Joliet is the third largest city in the U.S. state of Illinois, making it the perfect in-between for trainees who still want an experience between the city and small town. Still, Chicago is accessible in less than an hour by train.

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Looking for more information about any of our Duly programs? Email an AMO Advisor at advisors@amopportunities.org