Following the 2024 NRMP Residency Match, AMOpportunities surveyed past trainees to see if they applied to the Match and how they fared. Now, the results are back, and they reveal that IMGs who participated in an AMO rotation matched at a higher rate than the NRMP average.

Read on for a breakdown of the survey results and why AMO trainees tend to find a higher rate of success on the Match than average.


By the Numbers

AMO trainees exceeded the NRMP Match average across both types of IMGs, U.S. citizens who studied internationally or non-U.S. citizens. Here’s a comparison of how AMO trainees stacked up to the NRMP averages on the 2024 Residency Match.

  • AMO Non-U.S. IMG Match Rate: 66%
  • AMO U.S. IMG Match Rate: 77%
  • NRMP Match Rate for Non-U.S. IMGs: 58.5%
  • NRMP Match Rate for U.S. IMGs: 67%


Where AMO Trainees Match

Matching is a great outcome, but matching into your dream residency site always sweetens the deal. That’s why AMO’s goal isn’t to just help you Match–it’s to help you meet you career goals.

This year’s trainees emphasized that by matching into top residency sites across the country. Among the places trainees are calling home for their residency are:

  • Mayo Clinic
  • University of Pennsylvania
  • Medstar Washington Hospital Center
  • University of Illinois Chicago
  • University of Miami-Jackson Health Center


Behind the Success

High-quality clinical training is only one factor in the success AMO trainees find on the Match. It’s how AMO supports that training beyond that clinic that helps our trainees create well-rounded applications. This includes

Networking Opportunities 

AMO rotations allow trainees to connect with top physicians, residency directors, and researchers across the U.S.

Letters of Recommendations 

Trainees earn merit based LoRs from U.S. physicians that enhance any Match application .

Professional Development 

Many programs provide trainees with writing workshops, mock interviews, and more. Plus, AMO offers free webinars, information sessions, and workshops to keep you informed with policy and process changes as you near your Match year.


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