Have you ever had a question about U.S. clinical experiences? Maybe you’ve even browsed a few programs but were caught off guard at the number of options. Well, AMO Advisors are your first resource for navigating all things related to U.S. clinical experiences.

If you’ve looked at AMO programs in the past, you may have spoken with an Advisor before. If you have not looked at an AMO program, an Advisor will be your first point of contact for questions related to programs and applying.

Either way, get to know our team of Advisors a little more through our Meet the AMO Advisors series! In this post, meet Advisor Anthony!


Meet Advisor Anthony

More than an Advisor, Anthony is AMO’s Partnership Specialist. In this role, Anthony helps lead webinars for students at universities around the world. You may have also seen Anthony in the past, hosting a Q&A session or an IG Live.

Anthony’s favorite part about being an AMO Advisor is the opportunity to work with people from all over the world!


Overcoming Common Issues

After nearly two years at AMOpportunities, Anthony has learned a lot about the barriers medical trainees face in finding clinical experiences. Anthony says the most common issues he sees trainees face are with gathering the right documents to apply to a rotation or even in planning the logistics of a trip.

Fortunately, Anthony has become a master in helping trainees overcome these barriers. With a strong knowledge of all AMO programs and their requirements, Anthony helps trainees gather what they need to rotate and provides recommendations that help trainees reach both their short- and long-term goals.

Check out the video below to learn more about Anthony and what he loves about working with medical trainees!


Ready to secure your next U.S. clinical experience? Looking for more information on visa wait times? Reach out to an AMO advisor at advisors@amopportunities.org