AMO turns 10! Our first decade has come and gone. Check out some of our stats over the past ten years, as we reflect on where we began and celebrate where we are now. 


A Diversifying Team  

AMO’s team is at the heart of who we are. 

AMO Employees March 2013: 4 

AMO Employees March 2023: 45 


Growing the Future Healthcare Workforce 

Access to medical education should be simple and equitable. Over the years, AMO has helped expand access to students across the globe. 

AMO Trainees 2016*: 272  

AMO Trainees 2022: 1,419 

Total Trainees: 4,200 (and counting) 

*First year of recorded data 


Where Trainees Come From 

AMO trainees don’t come from one place. Over the past decade, 123 countries have been represented by AMO trainees. 

Top Countries Over the Years 

    1. United States 
    2. India 
    3. Mexico 
    4. Canada 
    5. Brazil 
    6. Pakistan 
    7. Jordan 
    8. Egypt 
    9. Saudi Arabia 
    10. Peru 


Where Trainees Go 

Year-in and year-out, the same states remained popular among AMO trainees. But those states were spread out across the country. The most popular states over the past decade were: 

    1. New York 
    2. Illinois 
    3. Florida 
    4. Texas 
    5. California 
    6. Washington D.C. 
    7. New Jersey 
    8. Michigan 
    9. Massachusetts  
    10. Georgia 


Partners in Education. Partners in Medicine.

From schools to clinical sites, our partnerships with medical educators in the U.S. and globally are dedicated to supporting the next generation of healthcare leaders. 

School Partners 

First Global Medical School Partner: 2018 

Global Medical School Partners Today: 47 

First U.S. Partner: 2021 

U.S. Partners Today: 16 


Clinical Partners and Preceptors 

First Clinical Partner: 2019 

Clinical Partners Today: 21 

Total Preceptors: 255 

Total Programs: 309 


Future-Forward Opportunities 

Rotation Types 

When AMO launched, trainees were able to choose from hands-on or observership rotations. Today, trainees can choose from several rotation types. Check out how our rotations have grown over the years: 

2013  2017  2018  2020 
Hands-On  Hands-On  Hands-On  Hands-On 
Observership  Observership  Observership  Observership 
  Nursing  Nursing  Nursing 
    Research  Research 
    Dentistry  Dentistry 


Match Success 

In 2019, AMO began keeping up with trainees’ medical journeys after their AMO rotation. What we found is that AMO trainees succeed on the Match at a higher rate than the overall NRMP average. 

AMO Trainees Who Have Matched: 80.6% 

IMG Average: 58.1% * 

U.S. IMG Average: 61.4%* 

*2022 Match 


Want a downloadable version of our 10-year review? Find it here!