Lack of clinical site availability is among the leading contributors to the physician shortage. This means that developing the next generation of healthcare professionals begins with today’s leaders.

Understandably, the demands that come with operating a clinic or working in a busy hospital prevent many clinicians from taking on the additional administrative load that comes with teaching. Despite this, there is widespread interest in precepting due to the rewarding nature of mentoring and the opportunity to develop leadership skills.

So how does this gap become bridged in a way that benefits trainees, clinicians, and the field overall? Through clinical training providers like AMOpportunities.

AMOpportunities helps resolve the administrative burdens that come with hosting clinical training by marketing programs, fielding applications and paperwork, and handling student logistics.

From getting started to going live to hosting your first student, read more about how precepting works with AMO.


Becoming a Preceptor and Going Live

The first step to becoming a preceptor is to reach out to our programming team either by phone or email. Our team will work with you to learn more about your goals and experience and begin the contract process.

Once your contract is finalized, it’s time to go live with your program! The AMO team will work with you to collect program details and build your program on the AMO platform. Once your program is live, you will be assigned a designated program coordinator who will be your main point of communication with AMO as long as your program is live.

At this stage, your coordinator will help you:

  • Set up your manager account
  • Assist in loading your payment details into Stripe
  • Manage your schedule and availability
  • Keep you in the loop with AMO news and events


Having Your Program Reserved

Once live, trainees can begin to reserve your program for their clinical training. On the AMO platform, trainees find your program through specialty, location, and experience type filters. Trainees may also find your program through promotion on the AMO’s blog, social media, email, or other marketing channels.

A trainee can then apply directly to your program through the search platform and will be considered reserved once their application has been approved by AMO in accordance with your criteria and the trainee has submitted their deposit. As the preceptor, this part of the process will happen in the background. However, once a trainee has been reserved, you will receive an email with the trainee’s CV and basic information.

Trainees who are seeking school credit may request you to complete an additional form verifying your program meets the school’s requirements. This request will come directly from your coordinator. Responses should be returned within 48 hours to accommodate the trainee and school.


Trainees Prepare to Rotate

Once a trainee reserves your program, they begin planning their travel plans. Trainees can reserve your program up to two years in advance, which makes it important to communicate your availability with your coordinator as soon as your standard availability changes.

In traditional preceptor models, preceptors field a lot of questions regarding trainee logistics. With AMO, as soon as trainee reserves your program they are assigned a designated student coordinator, called a Coach. Our Coaches are familiar with your program and location and help trainees with housing, transportation, and even visa support.


During and After the Rotation

Throughout the rotation, your coordinator will be your main point of contact for any trainee issues or concerns. Stipend payments are sent out post-rotation, typically within the first week of the following month via direct deposit through Stripe.

For any trainees who have requested an LoR, please ensure these are written and returned in the timeline agreed upon with the trainee. For credit-seeking trainees, please ensure reviews are returned to the school or AMO in a timely manner. Trainees will remain in contact with their Coach to help ensure these items are received.


And that’s it! You’re just four short steps away from hosting clinical rotations without the administrative burden and with the reward that comes with mentorship and leadership.


Interested in becoming a preceptor with AMOpportunities? Reach out to our program team by phone or email to get started.