March is a hectic month for medical school graduates. That’s because, in the U.S., March is Match Week, and students’ seemingly endless years of schooling culminates in finding out if they matched into their dream residency program.

Just last week, thousands of graduates found out where they’ll begin their residencies this summer, and if you have your own plans to match next year or beyond, you were probably watching on in both anticipation and preparation for your own Match Week.

To celebrate Match Month, AMO has been offering applicants $400 off U.S. clinical rotations all month. All you have to do is use the code MATCH400 at checkout.

Whether you’re planning to enhance your Match application with a rotation this summer, later this year, or if you haven’t fully considered the option yet, here are three ways AMO’s MATCH400 sale can help you stand out.

Show Directors You’re Serious with U.S. Clinical Experience

U.S. clinical experience may not be a written requirement on the Match, but for most residency directors, experience in the U.S. healthcare system is preferred. It shows a dedication to the career route, and it communicates a familiarity with the culture and dynamics of the healthcare system that will allow you to hit the ground running on Day 1 of your residency.

For international medical graduates (IMGs), accessing U.S. clinical experience has been historically difficult, creating a barrier when it comes to matching. AMO’s marketplace addresses this head on by offering a network of 300+ clinical sites that are just about as easy to access as reserving a hotel room.


Earn a Letter of Recommendation

A personalized letter of recommendation from a physician familiar with your clinical skills will out-perform a letter written by a professor or a general letter written on branded letterhead.

While AMO cannot guarantee your rotation leads to a letter, we do work with our preceptors to ensure they understand a merit-based LoR is the reason for many trainees rotating and we provide trainees with resources to ensure they approach the LoR request process timely and effectively.

Double Down on a Specialty or in a Specific Location

Have a specific specialty you plan on applying to? Looking at a residency program in a specific area? Use the MATCH400 code to add additional clinical experience in that specialty or at a site in that region. This shows residency directors not just your dedication to the U.S. healthcare system, but it communicates your seriousness about the field or your familiarity with a patient population.

Hint: use the Residency Site filter on AMO’s platform to see if rotations are available at your dream residency site, and brush shoulders with your future peers!


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