Hands-on is one of two types of clinical experiencess which allow international medical school students and graduates, who have passed the USMLE step 1, to gain exposure to the U.S. healthcare system.

During a hands-on clinical experience, individuals may be involved in non-invasive patient interaction in the outpatient, or clinic setting. During no time are students/graduates able to interact with patients while in the inpatient, or hospital setting.  Participants in a hands-on rotation will have the opportunity to perform a number of duties such which include, but are not limited to, taking patient histories and vitals or presenting cases and differential diagnoses in accordance with patient privacy guidelines. Compared to observerships, hands-on clinical experiences provide tangible, interactive access to clinical practice in the United States which may be useful when preparing for the USMLE Step 2 Clinical Skills.

AMOpportunities offers both observership and hands-on clinical experiences. Individuals interested in such experiences can use the AMOpportunities search platform to browse available hands-on programs, selecting one that best matches their interests. Upon completion of the experience, visitors will have the opportunity to earn a letter of completion and, depending on the their performance during the program, a letter of recommendation from their preceptor.

Are you interested in participating in a hands-on rotation to gain a letter of recommendation or to simply build out your experiences? AMO can help! Check out our website to explore the possibilities and apply today!