Communicate With Your Preceptor

Communicate regularly with your preceptor. Let them know what you’re interested in and what you want to learn. Ask them how you can make the most of your experience and what expectations they have for you. This shows you’re taking initiative. You should also ask for feedback on your performance and accept it gracefully. Knowing your strengths as well as areas that could use improvement will help you grow professionally.

Communication can be a challenge when two cultures meet. In many instances, language cannot be directly translated (word for word), so it is important to be patient and try to explain things in many different ways. If you do not understand something do not be afraid to ask for an explanation. Your preceptor is hosting you because they want to help you. Plus, asking questions shows you’re curious and engaged in the learning process.

Be respectful of your preceptor’s schedule. Notify them if you’re running late or if you plan to miss a day.

Communicate with AMO

We hope you will stay in touch with us during your rotation. We would love to see pictures and hear about your time in the United States. We also want you to reach out to us with any issues, disagreements or emergencies. If for any reason you are not happy with your host site, please notify us during your first week. This is very important: Do not wait until the end of the program. We want to make sure you have a good experience, are getting enough opportunity, and feel comfortable with your physician and we can’t do that if we don’t know you’re unhappy until your rotation is over. Remember, you are our top priority!


If you would like to have the opportunity to partake in a clinical rotation with AMO but you have not applied, you can do so by clicking here. Applying is easy and quick–all you need is a current CV or resume to be considered for the rotation!