Entering the U.S. as a Brazilian who never traveled before, I thought there were many things that could go wrong. However, as I spent two months with programs from AMO and received total support, I had the best time of my life.

Dr. L is one of the most incredible people that I ever met in my life. She not only taught me about medicine and healthcare system, but about everything I should know as being part of a dermatological program. She also taught me how to treat patients and how to perform your daily job with passion and love. Now I feel I am totally capable of returning to my country and further developing my medical school education.

During the month of November in Los Angeles, I grew as a student, and now I’m more confident about my skills, my knowledge and how to properly perform as a dermatologist. And not only that, but I’m sure that here at AMO I learned with the best.

This picture could not be better as it shows you how much fun I had with incredible people, including all the staff from both the Advanced Dermatologic Center and AMO. It was incredible how all the time both teams were doing everything to make me feel comfortable and that I could study and learn as much as I could in the best environment. Thank you for this amazing opportunity, as now I have my LOR. All of my expectations were definitely met and surpassed. You guys are amazing!

If I could tell anyone who is wondering how it would be to be part of this amazing journey, I would say: don’t let this opportunity that is AMO slip through, because you’ll live moments for life. The knowledge that you could acquire here is immensurable, and there is no money in the world that could pay enough for that. Enjoy!

–Renan Deves, Brazil

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