AMOpportunities offers hundreds of clinical rotations to acclimate international medical graduates and students to a U.S. medical experience. AMOpportunities asked Miguel, an international medical student, a few questions about his AMO experience. Miguel completed a rotation in orthopedic surgery in Chicago, Illinois and another in Fresh Meadows, New York. Here is what he had to say:  

What inspired you to do a rotation through AMOpportunities? 

Miguel: I wished to obtain clinical experience in the US to increase my chances of getting matched in my specialization of choice. 

What did you think about your rotation and clinical experience? 

 Miguel: It exceeded my expectations. 

What would you say to other international medical students and graduates thinking about working with AMOpportunities? 

Miguel: To be honest, I already recommended AMO to my other colleagues, and they already registered 😀 

How do you think this experience will help you with your career and further studies? 

 Miguel: The experience further increased my skills and understanding on the subject matters at hand. It also made me more adept in picking up and learning all that there is to know in the field of medicine. 

Any additional comments? 

 Miguel: You guys are perfect and a blessing to international medical students 

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