HAPPY 6th BIRTHDAY, AMOpportunities!

With the world facing global healthcare shortages, the need for students to have access to training is essential. Six years ago, AMO stepped into the picture to provide thousands of international medical students and graduates with the clinical experiences they need to become a doctor in the United States.

Offering 200-plus rotations across 23 states, AMO partners with U.S. physicians, hospitals, and institutions for four-week clinical rotations in all specialties.

Today, AMO celebrates six years of diversity. We’ve brought in visitors from all over the world, including Pakistan, China, India, Mexico, Egypt, and Brazil.

Today, AMO celebrates six years of educational equity. We believe in a future where all people have equal access to education, regardless of national origin, belief, or identity.

Today, AMO celebrates our future. Our dream is to shape a world where an individual with a dream can learn anywhere, train anywhere, and work anywhere. 

Today, AMO celebrates YOU. We couldn’t exist without our visitors who trust AMO to provide them with valuable educational experiences. You are AMO. Thank you for all your support. 

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