As visitors wrap up their four-week clinical rotations, we give them a chance to enter our AMO Blog and Photo Contest—sharing photos and writing stories of their experiences—for a chance to win a Kaplan Qbank Test Prep Course. Our winner for January 2019 is Javier—a 5th year medical student from Mexico—and this is his story . . .

Javier and co-worker

I always dreamed of having the opportunity to do a clinical rotation in the U.S. During my research for a clinical rotation on the internet, I found AMO. I started looking at all the opportunities and options they had, and I was so happy and amazed to see that finally a company made this process of searching for a specific specialty in a certain city so easy and fast. Additionally, the application process was so easy. The moment I found the perfect rotation for me, I sent my application, and I got accepted that same week. The AMO team was always there answering all my questions and more importantly helping me to resolve them.

The rotation I did was with Dr K, an interventional cardiologist, in Houston, Texas. In general, it was much better than what I expected. I arrived happy, but I left in love with this specialty and with this country and people. The opportunity that AMO gave me was exactly what I needed it to confirm what specialty I will pursue in the future and to confirm that I would love to do my residency in the U.S. So now I must prepare for the STEPS.

Dr.K and the staff were very nice to me all the time—always helping me with my doubts and giving me a lot of advice about the city so I could have the best experience in Houston. But what I think it made the most impact was how much I learned in month with Dr.K. He was always trying to make sure that I understood every patient disease and treatment. He took me to all his procedures at the Cath lab where he performs angiographies, placement of stents or balloons, and he also showed to me non-invasive imaging procedures at his clinic like stress tests, NMR of the heart, and echocardiograms. Every day after finishing notes, he gave me around 10 to 15 EKGs to read, and it was my test of the day. I practiced so much that after a month I was able to read almost every EKG at the hospital, and I believe that it will help me a lot during the rest of my medical school program and residency.

AMO is a life changing company. If you are thinking on doing a medical rotation in the U.S just to get practice and increase your knowledge or to get stronger for your STEPS, AMO is just what you are looking for. You will be able to get that strong letter of recommendation that every IMG wants and needs. It will make your CV stronger and make you more attractive to every medical program. I’m looking forward to doing another rotation with AMO, and I recommend this experience to anyone.


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