Riya is a foreign medical graduate from India. Through AMO she attended two rotations—one in Tampa, Florida at Pediatrics Pulmonary Specialists and the other in New Hyde Park, New York at Cardiovascular Consultants of Long Island. AMOpportunities asked Riya a few questions about her experiences and here’s what she said: 


AMO: What inspired you to do a rotation through AMOpportunities? 

Riya: Some of my friends did rotations through AMO, and they told me they were a great learning experience, that’s why I applied. 

AMO: What did you think about your rotation and clinic experience?

Riya: Both of my rotations were awesome opportunities for me as I got to learn so much. All my attendings were extremely helpful and knowledgeable. They welcomed me with open arms which made me very comfortable in that environment and learning became fun. 

AMO: What would you say to other international medical students and graduates thinking about working with AMOpportunities? 

Riya: I wholeheartedly recommend AMO to other IMGs who want a full U.S. clinical experience. 

AMO: How do you think this experience will help you with your career and further studies? 

Riya: My experience is really going to help me in my studies as there were many concepts and tests that I understand now as a result of these rotations like reading EKGs. 

AMO: Any additional comments?  

Riya: The AMO team was very helpful whenever I had any problem. Thank you AMO! 


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