As our visitors complete their experiences, AMO has the privilege of hearing their stories, too. Every month, our visitors have the opportunity to enter our Photo and Blog Contest to win a Kaplan Qbank Test Prep Course.  These stories are powerful. They are a testament to our programs, our physicians, and the visitors we welcome to AMO. Our February 2019 winner is Revati. In her final year of medical school in India, she took a risk and chose AMO.


All About Patient Interaction

Have you all read the quote, “every end is a new beginning”? Well, I am fortunate enough to have lived it. I am in my final year of medical school; I am from India with an ambition to pursue my career in ophthalmology. To gain exposure to advances in this field, I wanted to travel to the U.S. However, being an IMG and with no U.S. contacts in the field of medicine, getting a clinical experience seemed tough.

When I first contacted AMO, I was highly unsure if I could trust them. But, as I interacted with the team, I saw out how supportive they were. From helping me write a CV, to acquiring a Dean’s letter, from securing a place to stay, to prepping for my visa interview, AMO provided guidance at every stage.

I am extremely happy with my clinical experience, as well. I rotated with one of the top doctors in the field of ophthalmology and had a chance to learn a lot about eye diseases and diagnostics. The doctor showed me how to use the instruments and how to interpret results. Also, I was fortunate to have secured opportunities to attend surgeries the doctor performed at different centers. He introduced me to his patients and gave me an opportunity to interact with them directly. Watching him manage his patients taught me how to deal with them—politely, humorously, and yet, straight to the point.

I am glad that I chose AMO for securing this rotation. It’s ended now, only to inspire me, more than ever, to pursue a residency in ophthalmology. Thank you, AMO, for helping me see this program as a new journey called “Quest for residency.


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