Every month, AMO has the privilege of hearing our visitors’ stories. When they share their experiences, our visitors have the opportunity to enter our Photo and Blog Contest to win a Kaplan Qbank Test Prep Course.  These stories are compelling. They are a testament to our programs, our physicians, and the visitors we welcome to AMO. Our March 2019 winner is Bhageeta, who traveled from Malaysia to complete a rotation in neurosurgery.

Leaving My Comfort Zone

I have always wanted to complete my elective rotations overseas. When I saw this opportunity online, I was a little skeptical. It looked too good to be true even though it was pricey. I took a leap of faith and registered for it. It was probably the best decision I had made in a while. I joined a March Neurology session in New York. My aim was to explore as much as possible before I graduated. I was quite anxious on the first day as I came all the way from Malaysia. I was worried the system would be too different for me to be able to cope.

However, on the first day, everyone was accommodating, I adjusted quickly. Thanks to the great staff and doctors, I never felt left out or lost, everything was so organized. They prepared a schedule for me to follow so I would be able to see as much as possible in four-weeks. Without a doubt, it was an excellent experience for me because I left my comfort zone. Meeting patients from various different cultures and ideologies definitely made me a better and more understanding person. If I had another similar opportunity in the future, I would be very much pleased to attend.


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