AMOpportunities provides clinical rotations and observerships for international medical students and graduates. Hear what Nakul, a visitor with AMO, has to say about his clinical rotation with an internist at Pajaro Health Center in California.  

AMO: What inspired you to get a rotation through AMOpportunities? 

I found out about AMO rotations via close friends of mine who completed rotations through AMO and let me know about their positive experiences, pushing me to do the same. 

AMO: What did you think about your rotation and clinic experience? 

The four-week rotation I had with Dr. R. and his team at Pajaro Health Center was truly great. I observed how the doctor conducted the history and physical for common medical disorders and was also instructed on the methods on the management of these cases. The doctor also pushed me to review and learn about different diseases and added further information about diseases and clinical signs that I was not fully aware. I also saw many complicated geriatric cases and learned how they needed to be managed from an Internist standpoint. In addition, the nursing staff was very helpful. Ruby and Nestor truly made me feel part of their team and taught me how to do many important diagnostic procedures such as ECG, ABI, and Spirometry. Overall, it was a truly great experience, and the staff of Pajaro Health Center was truly the best part of my whole experience. 

AMO: What would you say to other international medical students and graduates thinking about working with AMOpportunities? 

I would definitely recommend AMOppurtunities to other IMGs and medical students looking for a U.S. clinical experience

AMO: How do you think this experience will help you with your career and further studies? 

The rotation will definitely aid in my future career by teaching me how internists function in a private setting and how complicated cases need to be dealt with efficiently 

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