Every month, AMO has the privilege of hearing our visitors’ stories. When they share their experiences, our visitors have the opportunity to enter our Photo and Blog Contest. Their stories are a testament to our programs, our physicians, and the visitors we welcome to AMO. Our April 2019 winner is Valentina, who traveled from Italy to complete an internal medicine rotation in New York City.


A Home Away From  Home

This experience was AMAZING! In the beginning, I was so scared because this was my first experience in a foreign country practicing medicine. Everything was completely different from what I was used to. However, everyone here was so kind and so helpful. I immediately felt at home.

After my rotation experience, I now feel more confident with my English, my approach to interacting with patients, and my use of medical terminology and abbreviations. And, of course, I enjoyed staying in this incredible city! Thanks for all the support. I hope to contact AMO again for another rotation program.


Does Valentina’s story interest you? You could have a U.S. clinical experience just like her!

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