This past April, Mahmmad, an international medical graduate, completed a rotation with Dr. T. at Weiss Memorial Hospital in Chicago. Read on to learn how a rotation with AMO led Mahmmad to make new friends and learn about ways to foster patient-physician relationships.


An Inspiring Instructor

My experience with AMO was like no other. Like anyone coming to the U.S., I was nervous at first. If I hadn’t gotten in contact with AMO, I wouldn’t have known where to begin gaining experience with medicine in the U.S.

From the start, everyone I worked with was professional and helpful. It was as if my experience and success in the rotation were as important to them as it was to me. Dr. T., my supervising physician, during the rotation, is one of the most helpful and humble people I have ever met. He is kind and empathetic towards all his patients. He also demonstrated knowledge and compassion in everything he did. I was lucky enough to join him both during his hospital rounds and at his visits with patients in the ICU. Dr. T. was comprehensive with his patients. He gave them the attention and care they deserved.

During my AMO clinical experience, I also made friends that were in the same program, observing Dr. T. It made my experience less nerve-wracking since there were others to share it with. Overall, my rotation with AMO was terrific. I would do it again, and I recommend it to others.


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