For current international medical student and graduates (IMGs) hoping to practice medicine in the United States, a U.S. based clinical rotation is essential. Securing such opportunities can be challenging. A rotations placement company, such as AMOpportunities, can help. AMO can help connect IMGs to physicians and institutions offering these educational experiences. AMO also acts as a support system for students and graduate during the time of their rotation. Continue reading below for information on how a clinical rotation can serve your current education and your future goals.

Practice with Patients and Medical Systems

One reason to take part in a U.S. clinical experience or rotation is to become more familiar with patient interaction. Specifically, individuals will learn to work with patients from different culturals. In many of these cases languages spoken and customs might be very different. Different places in the world have different medicinal customs with patients. These may be connected to boundaries and the model of the physician-patient relationship. Specifics of this may includes, but is not limited to, different communication methods and diverse opinions about what should be shared. It is important to understand that culture and geography can very much impacts patient health and outcomes. Shadowing and working alongside a physician in the U.S. can give international medical graduates an example of what is typical for patients and what is expected of physicians in North America. 

Learning Professional Skills

Similar to social customs, professional skills vary geographically. In the United States, professionalism and punctuality are highly regarded. Rotations are an opportunity for IMGs to make adopt good practices. Rotations will help graduates understand what is expected of them. In addition, graduates will learn how to interact with colleagues. 

Medical terminology and procedures in the U.S. may also be new. Early exposure may help IMGs as they prepare for the USMLE. It will also create a knowledge based which they may pull from should they complete a U.S. based residency in coming years.

Requirement for Residency

The main reason for completing a U.S. clinical rotation is to fulfill a requirement of the National Residency Match Program (NRMP) based in the United States. The NRMP is a the process through which  international medical students becoming U.S. medical practitioners as it allows for networking, ample learning, can secure a residency position. In order to apply, applicants must submit 3 letters of recommendation (LORs). One letter must be from a practicing U.S. physician. Clinical Rotations give IMGs the opportunity to work closely with physicians, which may help them to obtain a LOR. In the process IMGs may also find a mentor who can help provide advice and support for years to come. To find out more about the requirements of the NRMP and how to apply for the Match click here.

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