For current international medical student and graduates hoping to eventually practice medicine in the United States, a U.S. based clinical rotation is essential. Securing these opportunities can be challenging. Rotations placement company such as AMOpportunities can help in securing these opportunities. AMOpportunities closes the communication gap between physicians and student and graduate hopefuls. We can also act as a support system for the student or graduate during the time of their rotation. Understanding the importance of clinical rotations may encourage the individual to make the most of their time learning about the U.S. healthcare system.

Practice with Patients and Medical Systems

One reason for completing rotations in the United States is to get practice in working with patients from another country. Different places in the world have different medicinal customs with patients. In addition, there are different expectations between physicians and patients. This includes different communication methods, diverse opinions about what should be shared, and even a different understanding of how culture and geography can impact patient health and outcomes. Shadowing and working alongside a physician in the U.S. can give international medical graduates an example of what is typical for patients and what is expected of physicians.

Learning Professional Skills

Similar to social customs, professional skills vary geographically. In the United States, professionalism and punctuality are standards that should be adopted by international graduate students hoping to work here in the future. Rotations will help graduates understand what is expected of them. In addition, graduates will learn how to interact with colleagues.

Requirement for Residency

The main reason for completing a U.S. clinical rotation is to fulfill a requirement of the National Residency Match Program based in the United States. The residency match program is a key part of international medical students becoming U.S. medical practitioners as it allows for networking, ample learning, and time to assimilate to the culture. The NRMP has other application requirements in addition to a U.S. based clinical rotation. To find out more about the requirements of the NRMP and how to apply for the Match click here.

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