As each month comes to an end, AMO has the opportunity to review the entries submitted by visitors in our Photo and Blog Contest. These submissions serve as a testament to the fun, and educational experiences visitors have during their rotations with AMO.

AMO was blown away by Silvia’s entry for the June 2019 Photo and Blog Contest! Silvia, a visitor from Brazil, completed a Gastroenterology rotation during June with Dr. A in Chicago and is this month’s winner!


A Moment of Change

There are usually just a few moments in your life that are capable of changing it forever—my rotation with AMOpportunities was one of these moments.

In the beginning, I was afraid to come to the U.S. I had never traveled outside of my home country. But I’m glad I did because I’ve met so many great people that support me, including the AMOpportunities team, student colleagues, and of course, my supervising physician, Dr. A. I’ve made so many great friends in such a short time.

It’s challenging to find a person so engaging and committed with his patients as Dr. A. As a gastroenterologist, he is passionate about colon cancer prevention and is the head of colon cancer screening in Chicago. His influence reaches not only his own patients but those around the world. It was an honor and a pleasure to have him as a tutor, and to watch his profound commitment to the patients. For me, he was not only an example of a great doctor but an example of a great person.

My rotation with AMO gave me the unique opportunity to know another culture from the inside. I gained experience from a great elective with excellent doctors and observed medicine in one of the most prominent countries in the world. During my rotation, I learned and practiced technical and medical English, made some friends from around the world, and obviously had fun with it all! I appreciate the excellent service and attention from the AMOpportunities team and cannot thank them enough.


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