The ARC-PA preliminary accreditation actions from March 2024 have been published; however, the report will be updated to include approximately seven additional programs once all the adverse action (e.g., probation) reconsiderations and appeals are completed.

In addition to the high probationary decision rate of 35-40 percent we saw in 2023 persisting into 2024, there are a few statistics that stand out to me. I’ll break these down below.

C1.03 Citations

There were roughly 16 programs that went through routine reviews (i.e., they were not initial provisional decisions or probation follow-ups). Of those 16 routine reviews 11 (69%) were cited for C1.03 and the self-study report (SSR). That number is likely in addition to all of the probationary decisions (an additional 11 programs, approximately) also being cited for this Standard, leading to an estimated 22 of 27 (81%) programs with a C1.03 citation. These citations typically result in the need to complete a modified SSR over the next 18-24 months that if not completed correctly can be escalated to an adverse action for programs not already placed on probation.

See my prior recent posts on LinkedIn for suggestions to avoid self study citations and accreditation adverse actions.

B3.06 Citations

The number of B3.06 citations is also high (n=~14 of programs listed), as requirements for physician and NP board-certification to be in each B3.07 SCPE discipline are strictly enforced with only rural programs typically able to have more flexibility with this “should” standard.

AMOpportunities has helped multiple of my clients close gaps with clinical sites and preceptor recruitment to both avoid a B3.06 citation and to proactively build a clinical network. Their recruitment of preceptors is consistent with ARC-PA standards and includes collaborative vetting to align with the individual program’s vetting processes.

Avoiding Citations is Rare

For initial and established program routine reviews (not including probationary follow ups), there were only two programs that had no citations as evidenced by “No report related to Standards.” Both of these programs chose Archambault Consulting as their consultant and worked proactively over multiple years to attain and celebrate that outcome!