Although we could only pick one winner for our July Photo and Blog contest, we received so many wonderful submissions that we can’t help but share them! One entry that we really enjoyed came from Beatriz, a medical student from Brazil. Beatriz completed a Pulmonary Disease rotation in July which was located in sunny Kissimmee Florida. To find why Beatriz is planning to complete more rotations after this one, continue reading below.

Here is Beatriz’s Story…

An Indescribable Experience

There’s a word I like to use in my life, which is serendipity. It can’t be fully described, but let’s say it’s when something good happens to you and you weren’t expecting it. It perfectly describes the moment I found AMOpportunities!

At first, I was really scared, it was my first time doing a clinical rotation! But when I got to Poinciana Hospital on the first day, all I could see was smiles from thoughtful workers. From Officer Mike at the front desk to all the ICU nurses, it was always a good day to be at Poinciana. All the other hospital I visited with my physician, including his office, people who were just as caring.

I did my rotation with Dr. E. in Kissimmee, FL and I’ve never met any doctor with such knowledge and dedication. He made sure that every morning I did pre-rounds with him, which included discussing the diseases, diagnosis, and treatments for the different cases presented. I shadowed him in procedures as well. I got to see bronchoscopies, PFTs, thoracentesis and many other operations. It was truly a pleasure to have him as my tutor.

AMO provided me not only medical knowledge, but a life changing experience in such a short period of time. I made new friends and had a lot of fun! Thank you AMO for this unique opportunity, I’m going to do many more rotations, that’s a fact!

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