Thinking of applying to a residency program in the United States? You will likely use the Electronic Residency Application System (ERAS). ERAS streamlines the application process for applicants, deans, letter of recommendation (LoR) authors, and program directors. AMOpportunities has put together a guide for International Medical Graduates (IMGs) to help create an ERAS account and begin the residency application process.  

The ERAS has four components.

1) MyERAS is for applicants. In this section, applicants will complete their application, select programs, upload necessary documents, and submit all materials to programs.  

2) The Dean’s Office WorkStation (DWS) is for the Dean’s Office to upload medical school transcripts and performance evaluations (MSPEs) for applications submitted through MyERAS.

3) The Letter of Recommendation Portal (LoRP) is for LOR authors to submit their letters. 

4) The Program Director’s WorkStation (PDWS) is for residency program directors to receive and review applications and documents.

To begin applying for a residency program, contact your Designated Dean’s Office. The office will issue a one-time ERAS token that you will use to register for MyERAS. Each Dean’s Office has its own system for distributing tokens.  

  • U.S. Medical Graduates: Contact your medical school of graduation 
  • Canadian Medical Graduates: Contact CARMS  
  • International Medical Graduates: Contact ERAS Support Services at ECFMG

After receiving your token:  

1) Visit  

2) Register for an AAMC account. 

3) Enter a valid ERAS token and click “Continue.”  

4) Review and accept the MyERAS terms and conditions.

5) Complete the Medical School Graduation Information, review, and agree to the AAMC Policy Notice and click “Continue”  

6) Review your information and click “Continue” if correct.

7) If given the option to import materials, select the correct residency application, fellowship application, or LOR to be uploaded.

Keep in mind that ERAS tokens can only be used once. Be sure that all information entered is accurate. Applicants also need an AAMC account to register for a MyERAS account. Third year medical students may only update the personal information section and upload LORs. The rest of the application will become available the following season. 

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For more information on ERAS, please visit: Association of American Medical Colleges  

Good luck!