Another July entry we could not hold back is from Samana, who took part in a neurology rotation with Dr. Z in Amherst, New York. Samana, who is from Pakistan, felt at home immediately during her rotation. In fact, she enjoyed her experience so much that she hopes to be a supervising physician to students in the future.


A Warm Welcome

Choosing AMO for my overseas rotation was the best decision I could have ever made. It helped to highlight my capabilities and consider areas of interest in my future. I spent this summer in Amherst, NY, and it was amazingly beautiful. Starting my rotations after a long flight from Pakistan to New York City and then Buffalo was difficult. Everything changed, though, as soon as I entered Dent. A warm and welcoming staff made me forget about my long connecting flights and layovers. My purpose of visiting the U.S. through AMO was to explore opportunities, being with such a great group of physicians at Dent made this so much easier.

My appreciation goes out to Dr. Z. and my hardworking supervisor, who set and prepared with my schedule before my first day. Also, shout out to the other physicians I shadowed during July. In addition to working with a great team of physicians, I really enjoyed meeting patients of different cultures whom I may never have been in contact with. Each and every single one appreciated me for visiting the U.S. and gave me warm wishes, it was a blessing.

I never felt homesick while shadowing Dr. Z., who was great the whole time. It is impossible to count all the ways that they have helped me improve my knowledge and skills. I thank them, the other physicians, and their assistants for all that they have done. I only hope I can return the favor for other international medical students, like me, in the future.

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