Did you like Mohamed and Asha’s stories about their August rotation with AMO? We thought so! Here is another one from Yuri, a medical graduate from the U.S. who received his degree in Brazil. He took part in an internal medicine rotation in New York and enjoyed both the city and the educational experience. Continue reading below to find out more about Yuri’s hope for helping patients.


For the Love of Medicine

I chose to pursue a career in medicine because I love helping others, regardless of their age, race, gender, religion, or ethnicity. During my rotation in internal medicine with Dr. F, I was able to do just that since New York has a huge population with many different backgrounds. I’m grateful I had the opportunity to communicate, interact, and provide guidance to so many patients! Another great part of the rotation was getting to meet other outstanding international students and physicians from all over the world!

And of course, there was still time after the end of the shifts as well as some weekends to enjoy New York’s sightseeing attractions, finest restaurants, stores, and bars! You can still take care of your health and exercise like I did many times at Central Park!

I am thankful to AMOpportunities for making this experience possible. Also, I owe a lot to Dr.F. and his staff for hosting me and helping me pursue an international medical career.

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