AMOpportunities is excited to announce the launch of three new hospital-based clinical experiences at Jackson Park Hospital, an ACGME family medicine program residency site in Chicago. These experiences are a great value as they are entirely inpatient, ACGME affiliated, and provide participants with the opportunity to gain a letter of recommendation from the hospital’s Director of Medical Education. Continue reading below for more information on why you should apply for a rotation at Jackson Park Hospital today!

Jackson Park Hospital has served Chicago’s South Side for close to 100 years. The institution had humble beginnings, serving as a site to treat wounded soldiers during World War I. Today Jackson Park Hospital provides medical care to more than 20,000 patients a year.

Diverse Clinical Offerings

In partnership with Jackson Park Hospital, AMOpportunities offers three unique core elective clinical experiences as listed below:

These experiences are entirely inpatient, which allow visitors to experience the U.S. medical system firsthand. These experiences are best for medical students nearing the end of their education or graduates.

Onsite Housing

Most clinical experiences through AMO do not offer onsite housing. Jackson Park is the exception. Visitors may elect to rent a studio or two-bedroom apartment for the duration of their clinical experiences. Some apartments come furnished, and all apartments include an ensuite bathroom and kitchen. This is an affordable housing option as the monthly rent includes utilities. Visitors are within walking distance from their rotation site, which means there is little to no need to pay for daily transportation to and from the clinical experience.

Additional Training

In addition to taking physical examinations, recording patient histories, and completing hands-on tasks as delegated by the supervising physician, visitors at Jackson Park will receive additional training. Visitors will have the opportunity to become HIPAA and OSHA certified, in addition to receiving Basic Life Support Training. Such skills and certifications can help to build out a resume and CV, making you a stronger candidate for residency and future jobs.

Time to Explore the City

Another positive of our Jackson Park clinical experience is its proximity to downtown Chicago. With the experience taking place from 8 a.m.—5 p.m. during the weekdays, visitors have the evenings and weekends free to enjoy the city. Visitors should make a point to visit the Bean, grab a slice of deep-dish pizza, and go for a stroll along the lakefront.

Are you interested in applying for a rotation at Jackson Park? To view and apply to these offerings and more, create an account with AMO today!