We had so many great Photo and Blog Contest submissions from our August visitors, many of which have not been shared yet. Here is one from Nesi, a medical student from Israel, who took part in an orthopedic surgery rotation in Chicago. Nesi took the time to enjoy the city (as well as its food) and his rotation experience. Continue reading below to see what experiences Nesi had and the food he ate in between!


Welcome to the Windy City

Chicago, like most cities near a water source, benefits from the amazing breeze during the day and night. While I was there in August, I didn’t feel it was too hot at all. Although it is a big city it wasn’t overwhelming. It was very easy for me to get around and see most parts of the city while doing my rotations with Dr. M. during the week. Also, AMO’s headquarters are there, meaning all those amazing people are a cab ride away from being able to offer me help. Outside of my rotation, I enjoyed experiencing the food culture in Chicago, which was richer than most places I have visited.

My supervising physician, Dr. M. was amazing. His level of experience and knowledge never stopped surprising me. One example of this was when he cited research completed forty years ago by memory. It was like he reviewed it each morning. Dr. M. also had this grand collection of high-quality research papers, or as I called it, his, “all you can eat buffet of orthopedic knowledge.” The team that worked with him were just as amazing. I would recommend that anyone with a genuine interest in orthopedics visit this amazing city and work with Dr. M.


Are you interested in applying for the  Chicago based orthopedic surgery rotation that Nesi took part in?

You can view and apply for it by clicking here.