One doubt many students have when considering a clinical experience with AMOpportunities is whether or not they are experienced enough to be eligible for a particular medical specialty. Yasmine, a medical student from Egypt, had this concern. During her Cardiology rotation in New York this past August, she realized that gaining base-level knowledge in an AMO clinical experience is possible. Continue reading her story below to find out how her supervising physicians helped her to become acquainted with a new medical specialty.


No Experience Necessary

Some would argue that spending a month away from home sucks, for me it was quite the opposite. My experience was terrific, I treasured and loved each moment.

I had just started my first clinical experience in my home country, so I was pretty skeptical when I applied for one with AMO. I thought I wouldn’t be prepared but, from the start, the physicians I worked with made sure this wasn’t the case. They taught me everything from basic physiology and pharmacology to how to read ECGs and conduct stress tests. I also learned about rare cardiology cases and manifestations. The physicians gave me some pop quizzes for fun. Although this got my heart racing, I knew I would never forget the answers after.

During my clinical experience, I encountered patients from all over the world. They had different ethnic backgrounds and religions, which was enlightening. Learning about different cultures and genetic patterns helped me to handle each case accordingly.

By the end of the rotation, I learned so much and had all my questions answered. I will forever be grateful for this experience and the temporary family that was built from it.

Thank you, AMOpportunities, for providing this experience. Also, thanks to the AMO coaches for their fantastic support at every step!


Are you interested in a clinical experience but unsure of where to start? Medical students in their third year or later are eligible to apply for most AMO clinical experiences.

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