AMO’s partnership with Saint Anthony Hospital in Chicago began in August 2018 with just a few clinical experiences. Since that time, we have grown. We now offer 15 ACGME-affiliated, hospital-based, hands-on experiences. These were developed to accommodate the demand of our visitors and the willingness of Saint Anthony Hospital’s staff to educate them. As an independent, nonprofit community hospital, Saint Anthony provides visitors a unique setting to learn about healthcare in the U.S. The hospital has notable academic affiliations with the University of Chicago Medicine, Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine and Science, Ross University School of Medicine, and University of Illinois Hospital & Health Sciences System. Visitors who complete a clinical experience with Saint Anthony Hospital can obtain an LoR on hospital letterhead and receive a one-of-a-kind, immersive experience.

Countless Clinical Experiences

AMO currently offers 15 clinical experiences at Saint Anthony Hospital—the most AMO offers at a single institution. The medical specialties offered at Saint Anthony Hospital are as follows:


Saint Anthony is a great choice for small groups, especially those with diverse medical interests. Similarly, it is a good option for those interested in completing multiple clinical experiences. Some examples of those who would benefit from taking multiple are graduates interested in applying for the National Residency Match Program and students looking to complete their clinical requirements for medical school.

Collaborative Opportunities

Saint Anthony Hospital offers visitors the unique opportunity to practice their teamwork and collaborative skills. Rather than being paired with a single supervising physician, visitors work with an interdisciplinary group of physicians, giving them access to an array of knowledge and instruction.

Visitors will learn alongside other students and are enrolled in Saint Anthony’s residency program. This opportunity will give visitors a strong understanding of practicing medicine in the U.S.

Entirely Inpatient

Visitors are guaranteed at least 20 hours per week, all of which are inpatient. This inpatient setting provides visitors a realistic look into the U.S. healthcare system. Hours may vary from day to day and program to program. Dependent upon the experience, visitors may have the opportunity to visit other hospitals and medical institutions.

ACGME Affiliated

AMO currently offers clinical experiences at several ACGME-affiliated institutions, including Saint Anthony Hospital. These programs mean visitors have the chance to work alongside and receive direction from accomplished residents and staff. The affiliation also means that, should a visitor apply for residency at Saint Anthony after completing a clinical experience, the institution will be notified that they took part in a clinical experience there. This can give applicants a greater chance of matching.

Visitors may request a letter of recommendation, which they are eligible to receive upon completion of the four-week clinical experience. LoRs are written on Saint Anthony hospital letterhead.

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