The biggest compliment a visitor can give AMO is enrolling in a second clinical experience. It shows that he or she trusts AMO to provide both quantity and quality when it comes to U.S. clinical experiences. Natascha, a medical student from Brazil, is an excellent example of this. Her first experience with AMO was in the specialty of pediatrics during 2017. This past August, Natascha decided to take part in another clinical experience. Continue reading below for more on her internal medicine clinical experience in Tampa, Florida.


Twice as Nice

This was my second rotation with AMO, and I couldn’t have been happier with it. I had a fantastic experience in Tampa, Florida.

As soon as I met my supervising physician, Dr. L., at the clinic, I felt comfortable. During my clinical experience, I learned new things each day. These included interpreting EKGs and working to improve improved our communication skills with patients.

All the doctors and nurses at the clinic were extremely friendly and kind to us. We saw patients at the clinic and at the hospital. We followed so many physicians and nurse practitioners. It was a huge opportunity to learn about patient care from so many different points of view.

I had a wonderful time in Tampa, and I really appreciated the medical staff I shadowed.


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