AMO’s partnership with MedStar Georgetown University Hospital offers applicants the opportunity to participate in a clinical experience with the number one hospital in Washington, D.C. This teaching hospital is known for its renowned services in the medical specialties of neurology, psychiatry, gastroenterology, and vascular surgery. For the last century, Medstar Georgetown University Hospital has been providing quality care to those in the surrounding area.


Through this partnership, we are offering one clinical experience, which is in the specialty of internal medicine. The hospital is home to residency and teaching hospitals, making it an excellent site for physician hopefuls to rotate at. Its proximity to downtown Washington D.C. means that visitors can really immerse themselves in U.S. culture by learning about the countries history in the heart of the capital.


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Program Details

This clinical experience is specially designed for international medical graduates planning to apply for residency within the U.S. Individuals who complete this clinical experience are eligible to request a letter of recommendation on hospital letterhead. LoRs are only awarded to those who exceed expectations and demonstrate skills and professionalism above their peers. 

This specific clinical experience is entirely inpatient. Students are guaranteed a minimum of 20 hours a week, during which time they can expect to see roughly see between 15 patients each day. Because this experience is strictly an observership, visitors will be closely supervised by an interdisciplinary team of medical professionals.

Over these four weeks, visitors will also interact with other medical students, many of whom may be completing their residency through the institution. Outside of the clinical experience hours, visitors will have the option to attend supplemental lectures and informational discussions led by these individuals.


Location Information

The general hours for this experience are from 7:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday. This means that visitors have the evenings and weekends free to spend as they would like, with Washington D.C. providing an excellent backdrop for sightseeing and learning U.S. history. Did we mention that the city has a robust public transportation infrastructure and lots of free things to do?


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AMO’s guide to Washington, D.C. contains information on some of the area’s best sights, museums, outdoor spaces, and restaurants.

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