We are rewinding a bit with this visitor story from September. Krishma, a medical student from Panama, participated in a nephrology clinical experience. She balanced her clinical experience in Houston with evening trips to museums and out for a bite to eat. For suggestions on where to eat in Houston, continue reading Krishma’s story below.


Hungry to Learn

This September, I completed a rotation in nephrology with Dr. V. He and his staff were so welcoming. They made sure I analyzed patient cases every day. Since it was a nephrology rotation, almost all the patients had chronic kidney disease, which I learned a lot about.

The clinical experience solidified my communication skills with patients. The health system of the United States is very different from the one in my country, so it was amazing to learn about and experience it first-hand. The clinic was located in the Museum District. I took advantage of this and went to all the museums after clinic hours. It was great because there was a train station right next to the building which made transportation easy.

Outside of the clinical experience and the time I spent at museums, what I loved most about Houston was the food. The variety and taste were delightful. My favorite type was Thai. I frequented a restaurant called Thai Gourmet. If you like to feel spices dancing on your tongue, that is the best place to go.

I am glad I chose to do my rotation in Houston, it is a huge and beautiful city, there are so many things to do and lots of options for sightseeing. I would definitely like to go back and am thankful to AMO for providing me the opportunity to expand my medical knowledge.


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