Without further delay, we would like to announce our November 2019 Photo and Blog Contest Winner, Angelo! We loved Angelo’s story about New York’s culture and his decision to not give in to fear when choosing to travel from his home country of Peru to New York for a clinical experience in Plastic Surgery.

Nothing to Fear

New York is the cradle of expressionism as shown through its rich art scene, hip hop, break dancing, and paintings. I had the opportunity to see all that and more while working with one of the best doctors in the city.

The decision to go on the best adventures of my life was hard. I knew I would have no family or friends with me in New York but, I wanted to be brave and do things on my own. As it turns out the best experiences come after feeling fear.

To help me push past these fears, my supervising physician encouraged me to take a trip to Washington D.C., during the second week of my clinical experience. While in D.C., I purchased an iPad. This addition served as a tool that I used during the rest of my clinical experience.

In the end, it seems my profession is also becoming my hobby. Thank you AMO!

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