The last AMO Photo and Blog Contest of 2019 is now closed. This means it is time to announce a winner. Darang, a medical student from Cambodia, participated in a family medicine clinical experience located in California. Her experience was immersive. It allowed her to learn about new cultures, practice her English, and, of course, learn about family medicine. To hear her take on a clinical experience with AMO, continue reading below!


Investing in a Clinical Experience

For the past month, I took a break from my training in medicine to travel for a U.S. clinical experience. I learned many lessons from my supervising physician during this time. She shared her medical experiences and explained how she diagnoses, treats, and educates patients. She also taught me how to best inform patients. During these four weeks, I also practiced my English and Spanish. This opportunity helped me improve on so many things.

During my clinical experience in family medicine, I got to connect with other international medical students. I met new people from different countries with incredible stories and cultures.

Practicing medicine abroad is not a waste of time but an incredibly valuable investment to return home with. I am thankful for the opportunity AMO provided. In the future, I hope to have another memorable travel experience in the U.S.


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