Clinical experiences can be awesome, but you don’t have to take our word for it! Margil, a medical graduate from India, shares it all in his blog post. Although he was initially unsure of whether or not to take a chance and sign up for a U.S. clinical experience with AMO, Margil was pleasantly surprised. He got exactly what he wanted during his endocrinology experience in Illinois! Continue reading below to find out how a clinical experience will benefit Margil’s future plans in medicine.


Electing to Take an AMO Elective

I decided I wanted to do my medical residency in the U.S. during my 2nd year of medical school. I began preparing right away. It can be hard to get clinical rotation in the U.S. as an IMG, especially when your university is not connected with any U.S. institutions.

After finishing my final year of school in January 2019, I decided to sign up for four clinical experiences. I went through three different companies. I was still searching for the last experience when I found AMO. Despite my worries, I applied paid for an experience. I was skeptical of the AMO and until my elective started. This skepticism is my biggest regret to date.

During my four-week rotation, I saw more than 400 patients. I recorded their medical histories, took physical exams, and saw nearly 30 thyroid ultrasounds and biopsies. I even attended a conference with my supervising physician. In the end, he assured me I would receive an excellent letter of recommendation for my residency application.

I want to thank the AMO team for providing a wonderful rotation that will help me to get into residency. I recommend AMOpportunities to anyone looking for clinical experience or elective!

Does Margil’s story make you want to pack your bags and take a trip to the U.S.? AMO offers 200+ U.S. clinical experiences for you to choose from.

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