I applied during December for a clinical rotation in Tampa, Florida, under the supervision of Dr. L.

This clinical experience in internal medicine allowed me to learn in both inpatient and outpatient settings. Content-wise, the experience was incredibly diverse. I saw everything internal medicine as a specialty has to offer. We rotated at multiple health centers and with different healthcare professionals. The highlight of the rotation was the trip to Tampa General Hospital, one of the most impressive health centers I have ever been to. While there, I saw the most intriguing medical cases. This experience boosted my medical skills and knowledge. It allowed me to practice medicine in a controlled environment. It also gave me significant insight into the U.S. medical system and the U.S. medical teaching system, which is quite different from the system in Chile.

The city of Tampa was truly a great place to stay. The people there were very friendly, and it was incredibly safe. Being in the state of Florida, I knew that a place I had to visit at some point in the trip was Miami, and it ended up being another highlight of this trip.

Aside from the technical and learning aspects of this clinical rotation, what will stick with me for a long time is the incredible group of people that I met during the rotation. I am thankful for all for the incredible memories, which will last a long time!

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