Are you wondering how a U.S. clinical experience will impact your medical education? We recently got in touch with Besmira, a medical resident from Albania who completed a clinical experience with AMO in 2017, nearly three years ago! Since her rotation, Besmira started a medical residency in Albania. She is two years into her program and hopes to participate in another clinical experience with AMO in the future to diversify her knowledge and experience.

Read about Besmira’s pediatric clinical experience in New York below!


Endless Opportunities

I am thankful that AMO allowed me to apply and participate in a pediatrics observership in New York with Dr. C. I finished my Faculty of Medicine in 2010. Between 2012 and 2016, I completed a Ph.D. program in infectious disease and dermatology. During my studies, I worked in pediatrics, so I applied to that specialty for my clinical experience.

During my observership in New York, I worked with more than 500 children! I took medical histories, physical exams and educated patients on immunizations, vaccinations, and healthy lifestyle practices. I am thankful to my preceptor, Dr. C. She took me with her to every clinic visit and provided helpful medical information, even to my Albanian colleagues, with whom I shared the information when I returned home. Dr. C gave me a letter of recommendation, which helped me return to the U.S. for a  four-month internal medicine clinical experience in the Bronx and Manhattan.

I am thankful to AMOpportunities for connecting me with such a great and unforgettable medical experience. I plan to do another one in the future. My observership helped me live out my dream. Coming from a developing and little-known country in Europe, this was one of the best experiences of my life.  I got to experience an exchange of cultures and politics while meeting different people in beautiful places.



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