We are thrilled to announce AMOpportunities is now offering clinical experiences at Florida International University! This partnership creates a fast lane for AMO visitors by guaranteeing rotation spots for international medical trainees 

Founded in 1965, FIU has become synonymous with prestige, specifically related to its research efforts. The university is also known for its large and diverse student body. No wonder they’re partnering with AMO to support the continuing education of international medical students and graduates!

As stated above, through this partnership, rotations are guaranteed to our visitors. Typically, a medical student or graduate needs to apply to an FIU rotation and would then compete with thousands of other medical trainees for that experience. Through AMO, you can skip the line and secure your seat!  These programs – 19 medical specialties and subspecialties – are suitable for both medical students and graduates. Continue reading below for a look at the FIU program details and a complete list of the medical specialties and subspecialties offered through this institution.


Key Features

Like all clinical experiences with AMO, visitors rotating with FIU may request a letter of recommendation from their supervising physician who will determine the letterhead of this document. FIU will also provide visitors with a letter of completion, which will be on university letterhead.


FIU Clinical Experiences

Clinical experiences with FIU are offered as hands-on and observerships, with the exception of one research opportunity. The exposure type and spots offered will vary by specialty. Such details and additional program information can be found on each specialty program page. Click on the specialties and subspecialties below for additional information!



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