As a company that provides clinical experiences to international medical students, celebrating diversity fosters acceptance, connection, and learning. Diversity does not stop at an individual’s heritage, ethnicity, cultural background, or religion. It also encompasses gender.

In celebration of International Women’s Day, held annually on March 8th, we curated a list of top posts that cover women in medicine. Continue reading below for a short blurb on each post and the link to the full articles.


Female Representation in Health Leadership

Want the hard facts on how many females hold leadership positions across different professions? This post includes these statistics and shares steps with ways to improve in this area.

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Medical Education Present and Future: Gender Justice

The fourth and final post in a series covering the oncoming changes in medical education, this post breaks down the current gender composition at medical schools as they apply to both the student body and faculty members. Those who read this post will come to understand that, although there is now an equal number of female and male medical students, female mentorship is hard to come by.

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Q&A with a Female Cardiologist

In this post, we interview a female cardiologist who also happens to be a precepting physician with AMO! During our chat, she discusses some of the challenges she has faced entering the medical profession at such a young age and how she overcame them. Additional topics of conversation include gender disparities in the male-dominated profession of cardiology and how to maintain a work-life balance as a medical professional.

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Women in STEM

Although interest in STEM fields is growing among women (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics), there is still a substantial gender gap. The marginalization and underrepresentation of women in STEM can damage the perception girls have of these professions. This post covers the importance of creating gender equality in STEM fields and how celebrating International Day of Women and Girls in Science can jump start it.

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Women’s History Month Series

In 2019, we dedicated a series of four blog posts to Women’s History Month. Each post highlights three historically recognized women in medicine and science. The women in this series push social norms and made scientific discoveries with impacts that can still be seen today.  Check out each of the posts in this series by clicking on the links below!

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